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Comparing UPVC and Aluminium Windows in Keynsham

If you’re based in the Keynsham and the surrounding areas, you can count on Maynard Windows Ltd for high-calibre windows and doors. Our double glazing installers offer various services, including:

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  • New Aluminium Doors

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  • Rockdoor Doors

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  • UPVC Windows and Doors

Our team of approved Rockdoor suppliers works efficiently and diligently to provide you with quality service every time. Visit our testimonials page for customer reviews of the double-glazed windows, new aluminium doors, shop front replacements, pyramid skylights, new aluminium windows, bifolding door installations and other services we offer.

Aluminium and uPVC are two of the most popular materials for windows. If you’re considering either of them for your Keynsham property, we would like to compare their qualities to help inform your decision.

UPVC Windows

Across our skylight installations, Rockdoor doors, shop front installations, bifolding door replacements and various other services, our double glazing installers look to give you the ultimate value for money. In this regard, uPVC is a great choice as it’s one of the cheapest materials available, making it budget-friendly for all customers. Other than the occasional wipe-down, it requires minimal upkeep and can have good thermal efficiency and security when combined with quality double glazing. Although traditionally not available in many colours, this range is growing wider than ever before, and slimmer profiles are now more widely available.


Aluminium Windows

As an approved Rockdoor supplier that offers both aluminium doors and windows, this is a material that we’re particularly fond of. What makes the decision between uPVC and aluminium windows so difficult is that they’re actually pretty similar products. They are also low maintenance and thermally efficient, so you can’t really go wrong with either in terms of those two aspects. However, aluminium sets itself apart in certain aspects. For instance, it’s a long-life material that can last up to 45 years and is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Available in slimline frames and a huge range of colours, it has a high strength-to-weight ratio that doesn’t compromise on security or design.


Ultimately, as professional double glazing installers in Keynsham, Maynard Windows Ltd strives to be open and transparent with our customers. Whether it’s Rockdoor doors, skylight installations, bifolding door replacements, aluminium doors, shop front installations or any other services, we want you to feel satisfied with our work. As explained above, we believe that both uPVC and aluminium windows can be beneficial to your home or commercial property, otherwise we wouldn’t offer either of them. If you have a limited budget, uPVC windows are likely to be the preferred option, whereas if you want something that will cost more but will last a long time, consider aluminium for your new windows.

To learn more about the services our double glazing installers offer in Keynsham, such as uPVC and aluminium windows, call Maynard Windows Ltd on 07977490777.